A Purple Rustic Wedding

Today I’ve got a super sweet purple wedding this great rustic details! I am in love with the florals! I mean, how beautiful is this bouquet? I’m such a sucker for lavender!

The gorgeous bride Audra gives us the details:

Ever since I was a little girl I had always dreamed of having a big indoor wedding. When I started dating Zane, he didn’t strike me as the indoor type. In fact, one of our first “dates” included him, myself, & a revolver. I wanted our wedding to reflect who we were as individuals & as a couple. He grew up shooting guns, riding dirt bikes, & being outdoors on his family ranch. I had never shot a gun before I had met Zane but I did enjoy being outside. When we started planning our wedding, I realized that’s what I had loved all along – the outdoors. When we had picked our wedding date two things came to my mind. The first one was that the date couldn’t have been more perfect because it was already our anniversary prior to marriage, & secondly, it was not during hunting season! Thank Goodness! Our next big decision was deciding on a venue. Zane’s mom had suggested taking a look at a family friends “park” at their home. We had scheduled a meeting with the lovely Bill & Catherine Petrovic on a sunny afternoon. When we first drove up to the place, I had already knew I loved it. You drive up on a dirt road, & once you get around the bend you see a beautiful grassy area surrounded by big oak trees! It was everything I wanted, but I had to check with the future husband-to-be to make sure he felt the same. Sure enough, he did!

When it came to centerpieces & flowers, I had an idea of what I wanted. I wanted various sizes of wood rounds cut & flowers in mason jars on each table. I printed out pictures & showed my ever so handy future father-in-law. I became pleasantly surprised when one day we went out to cut a few sample rounds & Big-J, by hand with a chain saw, cut each round the perfect width, & completely level. My heart warmed with joy when he started suggesting all of these cool ideas & seemed excited about this “easy” job I gave him. He cut hundreds of rounds for us! in one day! I was so excited that he did that for us. HE was in my circle of trust. :)  My favorite flowers are hydrangeas & peonies, but the chance of having those on a warm day in July wasn’t looking good. I decided to leave the flower decisions up to the amazing & talented local ladies at The Garden House in King City, CA. I really can’t take any credit for choosing the flowers, all I gave them were the colors I had wanted & a general idea of what I liked & didn’t like. I had no idea of what the final look would be, all I knew is that they would be in burlap & jute wrapped mason jars, & purple. Again, I was pleasantly surprised by how amazing the combination of the wood rounds & the beautiful done flowers turned out. 

When it came to deciding on the favors Zane & I had came up with several different ideas. We thought about using personalized deck of cards because Zane & I enjoy playing card games together. For some reason, we passed on that idea & I came up with doing little jars of honey. After all, he is my honey. :) I called Millers Honeybees in Watsonville, CA & told them I wanted to do little favors for my wedding. It turned out that this company had bee’s on Zanes family ranch! Which made giving out these little jars of honey even more special to me. The guy was extremely generous & gave us a great deal too! Favors can definitely add up in price, that’s for sure! I personalized & printed out some fun labels & the guests loved them!

Zane & I both knew we wanted a a fun wedding, so that meant we HAD to have a photo booth, & FUN music. Along with the other 20 projects we had going on, we had a vision of building a photo booth. Our inspiration came from our photographer, Lindsey Gomes & her beautiful wedding. We decided to add a few fun props & had a family member, Alissa & her boyfriend, Isaac take pictures for us since I knew our photographers would be busy catching all of the action going on. When it came to music, Zane will be the first to admit without some liquid courage or a rockin’ jam…he would be no where near a dance floor. So, we made it our goal to provide the BEST music ever. At the time, my favorite song was Adele – Rolling in Deep & that really got the crowd going. We had some great help from our guests, who helped us out & requested some songs also. We couldn’t have done it with out our amazing officiant & DJ, Andy Morris who kept things rolling.

Thank you to everyone who helped make our day special! We couldn’t have done it without you.

Photography | Lindsey Gomes

Flowers | The Garden House

DJ | Andy Morris Entertainment

Hair | Lovely Chic Wedding