Etsy Find of the Week: Mélangerie

Mélangerie is an amazing design company with a fabulous new idea for weddings. They have created beautifully  designed Genealogy Charts that are perfect for conversation starting during cocktail hour or the reception.

Mélangerie makes customized charts, similar to a family tree, to help fill guests in on everyone’s relationship to the bride and groom. I am in love with this idea! How many times have you been to a wedding and wondered who was related, who’s a best friend from middle school, and who is the groom’s infamous Aunt Jane? These charts not only give interesting information, but look fabulously stylish doing it! They currently have 6 different styles to choose from. I am swooning over the Chandelier Chart and wish I had it at my wedding!

These charts are great memorabilia even after the wedding!
Mélangerie also has many other cool products that are definitely worth checking out!