Classic Etsy Wedding Picks from Keith Willard Events

Welcome to our new series where top wedding pros share their favorite handmade picks for your wedding day from Etsy! This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a very small commission in sales that supports my family and lets me continue to share gorgeous weddings and inspiration with you!

I am big on practicality when it comes to weddings. I am constantly asking my clients about emotional value per dollar. When adding or buying an item that will be used for the big day, I ask “Will it add to the overall memory of the wedding? Is this going to be something that is not only beautiful, but will be cherished and used in the future?” There are some items that just will never go out of style. Earthy materials are one of those things that will always be appropriate. Same goes with any item that can be displayed in someone’s home or used for another purpose. The items that I have chosen are proven winners in all the above categories. They are both wedding specific, yet will have another life after everyone goes home.

Keith Willard is the lead planner and owner of Keith Willard Events, an award-winning event planning company located in South Florida. With over two decades of experience in the hospitality industry, including leadership roles in several five star luxury hotels, Keith prides himself in providing practical planning to ensure that every wedding is perfect in not only how it looks, but also in how it runs.