Destination Wedding Etsy Picks from Mango Muse Events

Welcome to our new series where top wedding pros share their favorite handmade picks for your wedding day from Etsy! This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a very small commission in sales that supports my family and lets me continue to share gorgeous weddings and inspiration with you!

There are so many elements and details that help make a destination wedding a memorable experience and part of that is the journey you take your guests on. Personalized, meaningful (and useful!) stationery and gifts not only get them excited about the destination wedding to come, but give them something to remember the wedding and experience they had years later. I love incorporating elements of the destination itself, but not just generically. The elements chosen must also speak to the couple so that it’s personal and meaningful. It could be something they love or it’s a nod to their style, their relationship, their families or upbringing or culture, or one of their favorite things about the location. And because destination weddings involve travel, bringing that element into the experience is also important. So these picks are some of my favorites because they’re fun, they’re useful (meaning they aren’t a throwaway item), they help transport a guest or get them excited about what is to come and they’re details that help create that special experience the couple wants them to have.

Jamie Chang is the owner, destination wedding planning guru and designer of joy at Mango Muse Events, a boutique wedding planning and design company that creates personal and meaningful destination weddings all across the world. She’s also the creator of Passport to Joy, the step by step online wedding planning course for couples and the founder of Let’s “I Do” this!, intimate elopements, virtual and micro weddings in the San Francisco Bay Area.