A Sweet Pink Garden Wedding

Today’s wedding is perfectly sweet and romantic! I love the simple and elegant blush details! And how stunning is this location? It is one of the prettiest gardens venues I’ve seen.

The bride Jinny shares:

The most important thing to us during our planning process was to not loose focus on what they day is about – us two. Not what other people would think of our wedding, not who sits next to who, but the promise we are making of our commitment.  With the abundance of inspiration and ideas you can get from research, it can sometimes influence you to rethink your decisions.  Sticking to your decision made and moving onto the next step of the planning process was the lesson learned!

I have too many favourite moments from the day to pick, but I’ll share the most memorable parts – First, when we got our “first look” photos done.  I wanted us to see and spend some time with each other before the wedding ceremony and Lavara captured this moment beautifully. The look on Geoff’s face when we saw each other was priceless! It was such an emotional moment for the both of us and we were overwhelmed with the excitement of the day!

The second was when we were announced “husband and wife!” in front of our family and friends.  We kept the ceremony as short as possible, because we wanted to focus on the celebration of our promise to each other.  It was truly the beginning of our life together as a family and we felt very blessed to be surrounded with the people we love.

And the speeches by my dad and Geoff during our reception – they were so touching, my dad’s speech even brought tears to the best man’s eyes! . I think most brides will agree that their dad’s speeches is what turns those taps on!

Photography | Lavara Wedding Photography

Venue | Cassels