Real Wedding: Kim and Dan

Today’s wedding is truly magical! It is a pretty Tahoe wedding in May, with snow! Now, my view may be a bit skewed, being a Florida girl where it never snows, but how amazing would it be to have a surprise of snow! The soft dusting of snow is so gorgeous! It makes the light glow in such a lovely way. The talented Meg Perotti was there to capture every beautiful moment.

Kim, the bride, tells all:
So, May in Tahoe is usually pretty nice… we were thinking there could be some showers, but we weren’t expecting the truly awesome weather that came in during our wedding reception. The day before was 65 degrees and sunny, and we rehearsed for an outdoor wedding on the venue’s balcony overlooking the lake. The morning of our wedding, it was pretty clear that it was going to be MUCH too windy to be outside, but the indoor reception area that the venue has as an alternate was just as gorgeous, so I was happy we would all be inside and out of the wind, and didn’t pay any attention to the forecast. I spent the morning getting my luggage moved over to our honeymoon suite, and then hanging out in our “getting ready” hotel room with my bridesmaids and family.

It was windy, but the sun was shining all day, and continued to during the ceremony. It wasn’t until the girls and I were braving the cold outside for photos that little flakes started falling, and kept on coming until there was at least a couple inches outside! I don’t think anyone was expecting this, and people couldn’t get over how, in about an hour, it went from sunny springtime, to a blanket of white covering the golf course and the beach. I’m still in amazement!

I did catch myself staring out the window at
the lake at one point during out ceremony when the sun was still shining — it was that beautiful. When you’ve spent so long planning one day, it is truly hard to stay focused and not get caught looking at all the little details that you’ve been thinking about for over a year.  I did make sure to make a conscious effort to soak everything in and make the evening last as long as possible. My groom, Dan, and I decided we couldn’t let the night end when we had to leave the reception, and we invited out friends out to a nearby pub to continue the celebration. Nothing like braving snow in a wedding dress (when you REALLY didn’t expect to) and having a group of people in their finery roll into a bar! It was a wonderful cap to an awesome afternoon and evening.

In regards to planning, I didn’t have a wedding planner, but I used the venue’s suggested vendors to help me select most of the people we needed for the day, and left most everything in their capable hands.  There is so much pressure put on yourself as the bride to make this Big Event as wonderful as possible for everyone, I know it can be hard to relinquish some of the creative processes to others. But after a few months of decision-making, I realized any stress I may end up with as the day grew closer, wouldn’t be worth it. So I highly recommend making the big decisions as early as possible and letting a lot of the other items fall into place after that (and they do!). I relied on finding a few photos of flowers/cake/invitations/etc that I loved, and using those to convey what I wanted to the vendors, and left the rest to them. Because I didn’t worry about a lot of the little stuff, I think our wedding was absolutely amazing! The blanket of snow we received didn’t hurt, either.

Photography | Meg Perotti
Thanks so much Kim and Dan for sharing such a beautiful wedding with us!
And thanks Meg for the amazing photos!