Etsy Find of the Week: ctrlP

You know I always like to bring you the best of Etsy, and boy do I have a treat today! Lizzie and Isaiah, the amazing duo behind $10,000 Wedding (a super awesome blog you all should be following if you aren’t already!), have just started their very own Etsy shop, crtlP! And let me tell you, it is the place to go to for fun, hip, and totally unique printable wedding stationary!

I thought I’d let Lizzie give you the low down on the goods:
My fiance, Isaiah, and I got started blogging about the process of our wedding…initially, just to keep track of all of the information and inspiration we liked. Little did we know: There is an amazing community of brides, married couples and “gurus” on the topics of marriage, inspiration and what have you. We wanted to give something back to the community we have gotten so much from. We started a little tradition called Template Thursdays, where we provide free templates of wedding and non-wedding related printables. 

We had such a great time with it, staying up all hours of the night making templates and trying out designs for our invitations. I have been a long-time Etsy lover, and we decided to try out a few designs in a shop. ctrlP is what came out of all of that: Our printable invitation studio for rockstar couples. 

While we were impressed with a lot of what the web had to offer in terms of designs, if anything was our style, it was out of our price range. It seems like the wedding paperie industry in the affordable range didn’t have much to offer us in terms of offbeat style and what not. We definitely swoon over some designs out of our price range though, that’s for sure! 

Isaiah has been a graphic designer for about 10 years and he’s been teaching me the way of the sword…I mean…design for the last two or three. Our style is somewhere between mod, contemporary, abstract and indie, but we try to cater to couples who might be expecting more than a flower stencil on their invitations. 

Brides can expect really quick service and friendliness from ctrlP as well as designs that (hopefully!) are unique and different to today’s most popular style. The invitations we sell are printables, meaning we send you a high-definition PDF and you print out the design yourself or in a print shop. Each sale includes a printing guide, so you’re not all by yourself out there in the woods on a full moon or anything. 

So boiling it down, the recap: Isaiah and I are a graphic-design loving couple who just think you should be able to afford something kick-ass for your budget, however small it might be.

Be sure to check out Lizzie and Isaiah on Twitter and Facebook as well!