Modern Vintage Yellow and Gray Wedding

Today I’ve got a gorgeous yellow and gray wedding that is the perfect mix of modern and vintage. I love the bride’s cute lace gloves and parasol! And the cake table set up is really stunning!

The lovely bride Elizabeth gives us the details:

We wanted the wedding to have a relaxed yet intimate feel, even with 180 guests. For us this meant a late afternoon wedding with the reception to immediately follow at the same location. Our ceremony was standing room which from our perspective brought everyone closer to us then feeling like we were standing in front of an audience. It was so nice to look out and make eye-contact with people. Our main goal was to host an event where everyone, Rock and I included, got to relax, eat great food and enjoy themselves.

Since I’m a designer by day and I’ve been in 8/9 weddings I had a good sense of what I was looking for and what went in to wedding planning. I did a lot of DIY projects. My main focus was our invitations and signage around the reception. Our style was a mix of vintage/retro/20s. We used white milk glass vases with minimal but a wide range of flowers and greenery with lemons.

My favorite part of the day was when Rock and I first saw each other. I’m a fairly private person so I knew from the start I wanted that moment to be just between the two of us. Of course with our photographers and our families all watching from a hotel window where a video camera was placed so we can hear their reaction when they saw me walking to meet him and him turning around. It was really awesome to hear the commentary a few weeks after. I think we both had a more accurate and real reaction to each other then we would have if we were in front of 180 people. Rock was even crying when he turned around and saw me.

My second favorite part was that two of my closest friends sang while I walked down the aisle. I choose “Heavenly Day” by Patty Griffin. It was so personally and more my style then the traditional wedding march. Having my dad walk me down the aisle to a song of my choice and my friends singing was a moment I’ll never forget.

Photography | A&A Photography

Venue | Joey Buona’s

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