An Elegant Spring Irish Wedding

Today we are taking a trip across the pond and sharing an elegant spring wedding in Ireland! I am so in love with the bridesmaid looks, so chic and the pale lavender color is beautiful. And how stunning it the bride’s gown? It is lace and tulle perfection! I am obsessed with the portraits captured by Lisa, the under the veil kiss is just breath-taking!

From the gorgeous bride Kerry:

Richard and I got engaged just before Christmas last year and while enjoying all the excitement and celebrations, we couldn’t wait to get married as soon as was practically possible for us! So when we found the perfect location in a small country village called Borris in County Carlow, Ireland, we didn’t delay in booking our wedding for June 2012. We loved the quaint, charming vibe from the village and the locals were so welcoming and friendly, we just knew our guests would feel right at home. And so began the joys of wedding planning, the excitement of the build up and the most magical, memorable wedding day that we could have hoped for!

One little thing I stressed about in the run up to the big day was the very thing which was outside everyone’s control – the weather! I didn’t believe people when they told me that it wouldn’t matter, but they were all right! The sun shone in every other way that day, despite the misty rain outside.

A couple of things were really important to us both such as creating an intimate atmosphere where we could get around to all of our guests and throwing a really good party where we could have fun and dance the night away! And dance we did!

The day was packed full of great memories which we will forever treasure and thankfully we have captured so many through our photographer and videographer. One of my favourite moments was arriving at the church and walking down the aisle to see my soon-to-be husband smiling down at me. We both really enjoyed the ceremony and it was the one part of the day where we felt it was just us, where we were almost oblivious to everyone else as we said our vows. From there, we shared a day filled with laughter and love with our nearest and dearest; a champagne reception in the wonderful cocktail bar, heartfelt speeches after our meal, our first dance (and the rest!) not to mention the lively ‘sing song’ in the bar into the early hours of the morning for some of us who didn’t want the day come to an end!

My 3 year old Niece, who was also our beautiful flower girl recently asked me out of the blue whether I remembered our wedding, to which I smiled, telling her that I did. She then continued by saying “That was such a fun day Auntie Kerry’! 
Endorsement from a 3 year old – Result :-)

Photography | Lisa O’Dwyer Photography

Venue | The Step House Hotel

Florist | A Daisy A Day

Gown | Lyn Ashworth from The White Room

Groom’s Attire | Mardec Clothing

Hair | Mandika’s Icon

Make Up | Becky Keane