A Pink Southern Vintage DIY Wedding

Today is a very special day! I get to share my best friend’s amazing Charleston DIY wedding with you! This wedding was a real labor of love and the perfect example of family and friends coming together to help make an event special. Alice, my sister and I have been best friends since we were toddlers so I of course had to help make her day amazing! My mom, sister, and I even spent the few days before the wedding making all the wedding pies (which turned out great!)

The stunning bride Alice shares:

As a little girl I had my whole wedding planned out, a day that I had daydreamed about my whole life. So when Zack and I started dating and he took me to his Aunt and Uncle’s house in Charleston I knew that this was the place my wedding would be. 4 years later Zack and I said “I do” on their property in the most perfect setting; a rose garden on the edge of a marsh.

Every part of our wedding was well thought out and very personal. My most talented mother made my wedding gown from scraps of other gowns I had collected. There were parts of her dress, one of my bridesmaids mothers gowns, my soon-to-be-sister in law’s gown and a vintage gown I bought for $125. My garter was also hand made by my mother with the lace from her wedding gown adorned with a beautiful blue butterfly broach that was a gift from my sister bridesmaids grandmother. I also had a locket with my Maw Maw’s picture that I carried. I knew that she was close to me as I married a man she gave her approval of many years before.

The most important things to Zack and me planning our wedding were making sure our guests would be comfortable and would enjoy themselves. Charleston is beautiful in the spring time and thats when all the flowers are at their best. We knew our guests would love a day on an old plantation in South Carolina. Most of our guests traveled from Florida were we live. Seeing all our loved ones come so far just to be with us on such a special day was amazing.

Originally our reception was to be held near the garden, but the April Showers decided to come in March so we went to Plan B with a tent on the side yard, and it was a good thing we did! We really found out who loved us and danced in the mud to celebrate our wedding. We really do have the best friends and family. Nothing went as planned with the reception but it will always be the best day of our lives. Our wedding would not have been possible without the love and support of our families and my amazing bridesmaids who stayed on top of me with ideas and to-do lists. No matter what you do make sure you get the photographer you want, its the only thing besides your ring and your husband to show when its all said and done!

Photography | Tina Sargeant