A County Fair Engagement

Today we have the adorable love story of Luke and Danielle. The amazing Luminaire Foto captured their fun and equally adorable engagement shoot at a county fair!

Our story begins in the hallways of our high school. Our senior year found us in afternoon study hall which afforded us the opportunity to run passes, skip class,  and get to know each other. That fall, Luke came up with the brilliant idea of asking me to the homecoming dance with a sign that read, “Danielle will you go to homecoming with me?” while I was cheering at a pep rally. As fate would have it, I was holding a sign that said yes. With a creative request like that how could you say no?

The following year we went away to different schools, but despite distance our love continued to grow. We shared many fun times and memories throughout the next six years.

Last January, Luke finally had the good sense to make things official. He took me to a nearby beach where we grew up and often took walks to enjoy the beautiful Florida sunsets. Of course I said yes! We went back to my parents’ house where Luke had gathered our families and closest friends to celebrate the good news.