Photo Fridays

This past Saturday, a friend of mine was a matron of honor at an absolutely gorgeous wedding and I asked to tag along to get some photos of all the beauty! Rachel, the bride, created an absolutely stunning antique garden themed wedding at her parent’s home. There were so many beautiful details: the nest like centerpieces with cute bird tea-lights, a fairy room for Josh’s (the groom) daughter, and pine tree favors with tags stamped with “Watch Our Love Grow”!

Just as I had finished photographing the outside details and was heading inside to get some shots of the girls, my camera broke. Yep, a click-err-err-chh and a lovely error sign appeared as I was taking my last shot outside. The mirror on the inside (what makes the camera work!) had detached itself and was jiggling around inside my camera (yay! fun!). It was unfixable so unfortunately I missed getting all the shots of the beautiful bride and the rest of the event through the night! I was so sad! But, I do have these few shots here that I wanted to share with you today!

All Photos © Megan Acosta