Real Wedding | A Vintage Home Wedding

You all are going to love this gorgeous vintage home wedding! The bride is positively stunning (anyone else drooling over this gown?) and I just love the simple elegance and intimate feel of the whole event. It is all vintage chic perfection!

The beautiful bride Sian shares all the details:

My wedding was not only an inspiration to the lifestyle and glamour of the 1930s/1940s but it was also a tribute to my grandmother who lived during that time and was married in the 40s. Our wedding took place at my grandmother’s plantation home in Goochland Va. Where I was married allowed me to fulfill my dream of a vintage wedding. “The farm” as our family calls it, has been a part of my life since I can remember. I dreamt of getting married there and making a grand entrance on a horse and carriage. To my luck and my absolute honor, my dream came true.

All of my cousins (all girls), my sister and myself (whom they were all part of the bridal party) stayed at the big house the night before.  I stayed in one room with my cousin (maid of honor)  which was the room that we used to stay in together at the farm since we were 8 or 9.  And here we were, 19 years later and I was waking up in the same room on my wedding day. That was one of my favorite parts of the day.

My most favorite part was coming through the rod iron gates to the house in the carriage and seeing everyone watching us come closer, but all I really saw was my husband to be. I saw him first because he didn’t want to see me until I got out of the carriage. Likewise with him, he could hear (since he didn’t want to look) the horses hoof on the brick driveway as I came through the entrance. He said hearing that truly made him feel he stepped back in time. It is hard to really say what our favorite parts of the day were, because every part was truly magic.

The most important part of planning our wedding was to keep it simple and to make sure we surrounded ourselves with people we loved, particularly my grandmother. One of my wishes was for her to be there (she was). I wanted to highlight the beauty of nature that surrounded us and keep the details as organic as possible. I wanted to leave it up to the imagination to go back into to time. The goal for my wedding was to not buy “wedding STUFF” because the last think I need is stuff I’m not going to use after the wedding. I wanted to utilize everything I could that the house already had.

Photography | Don Mears Photography

Caterer | Groovin’ Gourmets

Florist | Sieck Wholesale Florist

Gown | Sue Wong

DJ | The Rhythmasters

Make Up | Carrie Baker Reynolds