How to Bring Your Personality into Your Wedding Invitations

In the whirlwind of flowers, venues, and attire, wedding invitations are sometimes overlooked in favor of the grand day-of details that will impress guests. However, it’s time to change the script and make a case for stunning invitation suites. After all, they are your guests’ first glimpse into your big day, and they set the tone for the whole experience.

Plus, your photographer will surely snap some gorgeous shots of your invitations on your wedding day, so you’ll want to be sure they tie into the rest of your design!

There are countless invitation styles to consider — from dark and moody to bright and cheerful. And while all are beautiful selections, the best choice is one that suits your and your partner’s relationship. 

If you’re wondering how to get past the stuffy print-and-stuff invitations and infuse your stationery with personality, we’ve gathered the best tips for you to follow!

Photography by Lynne Reznick, Planning and Design by Urban Soiree, Stationery by Callidora Design

Opt for custom or digital – no in-between

There are few things more luxurious than custom stationery, whether you opt for letterpress, foil, or other elegant details. But if you’re not willing to invest in the full experience, Matthew Wengerd of A Fine Press recommends forgoing low-budget alternatives.

“I would encourage couples to either invest in custom invitations or forgo a printed invitation altogether,” he asserts. “Working with a professional who cares about you as much as your wedding opens you up to a world of possibilities you didn’t know existed.”

Wengerd adds, “A mediocre invitation implies you’re hosting a mediocre wedding. Suppose you’d rather not prioritize quality custom invitations. In that case, a well-crafted digital invite will convey the energy of your big day better than any budget invitation and allows you to prioritize investing in the most important parts of your wedding.”

Add a personal touch of art

What’s more personalized than art made just for you? Wedding photographer Jenna Brisson suggests investing in custom artwork, stating, “Many couples, myself included, opt for custom hand-drawn invitations, which to me is always a timeless option for providing a professional, yet personalized invitation suite.”

NSWE Events’ Megan Estrada offers up another creative option: “Have a custom watercolor done for your invitation that incorporates some important elements in your life; maybe you want your pups included or a subtle nod to where you live! You can even have a special custom crest to reflect your personality and life as a couple that can be worked into your invitation.”

Photography by Kelly Hornberger

Have fun with envelope liners

Invitation suites aren’t just about the cards — consider the envelopes a blank canvas as well! In particular, envelope liners are perfect for dressing up with special details that speak to your personality.

“Envelope liners are trending yet timeless wedding invitation embellishments,” says Kori Trotter of Lily & Roe Co. “Available in an array of patterns, colors, and styles, envelope liners are also a budget-friendly option for customizing your invitations. Go bright and bold with a colorful graphic pattern or elegant and sophisticated with a vintage painting.”

Send your smiles

Adding a photo or two to your invitation suite offers a sweet nod at the love you share, which is precisely what your guests are excited to celebrate. Plus, you’ll have plenty of engagement photos to choose from — make the most of them!

“I personally think one of the BEST ways is to include a photo of yourself that they can keep as a memento!” says Jennifer Sulak of Weirdo Weddings. “I’ve had countless clients do a photo-based invitation both in paper form or magnets, that way you can keep the image on your fridge or in your home to see your smiling faces. Include an image that shows your love and something that you love doing!”

Photography by Julia Wade

Embrace your (new) initials

Who said you can’t start adopting those new initials before your wedding day? You may as well get used to them early, so consider investing in a custom monogram to use throughout your stationery. Bonus points: You can also use it for your dance floor, lighting design, and other details like favors and napkins!

“Monograms are a timeless and classic design option commonly applied to stationery,” explains Kelley Nudo of Momental Designs. “They can be simple or ornate, elegant or cheeky. Still, no matter the style, having a custom monogram designed is incredibly versatile and can be carried through all the stationery items for a cohesive look.”

Personalized wedding invitations are not only the perfect way to kick off your wedding experience, but they’ll also serve as a lifelong keepsake to remember your big day. Flowers may wilt and cake slices will get old, but your invitation suite will stand the test of time — so make sure it’s done right!

Meghan Ely is the owner of wedding PR and wedding marketing firm OFD Consulting. Ely is a sought-after speaker, adjunct professor in the field of public relations, and a self-professed royal wedding enthusiast.