Dried Florals: The Flower Trend You Need for Your Wedding

This just in: Dried florals are in the hot seat as a simple, cost-effective way to dress up your wedding without worrying about delicate flowers. From the popular pampas grass to colorful stems like amaranthus, the possibilities are endless for day-of arrangements. 

“Dried florals can be incorporated into just about any wedding style, from boho chic and rustic elegance to minimalist modern,” confirms Betsy Scott of Hudson Valley Wedding at The Hill.  

But is it worth picking dried florals over traditional live blooms? That’s up to your preferences, but it’s clear wedding industry experts are on board with this growing trend!  

Here are a few reasons to consider adding dried florals to your wedding design plan. 

Photography by Jessica K Feiden, Florals by Ninety-Two Design Co

A chance to play with colors 

While live blooms are known for their lush, vibrant hues, don’t discount the variety of shades available for dried flowers! A touch of dye can transform any stem into a bold feature in your bouquets, centerpieces, or other arrangements. 

“Dried florals and dried greenery can be a great way to incorporate vivid colors into your wedding,” attests Alicia Mae of ILE Events. “Many of the dried greenery and flower colors, when extracted and dyed, produce beautiful tones.” 

So don’t be afraid if your wedding’s color palette is filled with blues, pinks, yellows, or purples. You can achieve any color with the right flower selection! 

A soft fragrance to enjoy 

Flowers are loved for their aroma just as much as their beauty, but fresh blooms can sometimes produce scents that are too strong for the close quarters of a wedding. And nobody wants a headache on their big day! 

Fortunately, the drying process softens the scent without removing it entirely, leaving you with a gentle smell to follow you throughout the day. 

Nora Sheils of Rock Paper Coin and Bridal Bliss shares a go-to technique: “My favorite is to sprinkle dried lavender on the grass for an outdoor wedding. It may not be noticeable, but as guests walk around, a very light soothing aroma will be appreciated!” 

Just be cautious about picking flowers with heavier scents or mixing too many in one area. When it comes to smells, less is indeed more! 

Photography by Catherine Guidry, Florals by Antigua Floral

An heirloom to keep forever 

There are many solutions to limit the environmental footprint of fresh florals: donating to hospitals, repurposing in your home, and composting are just a few. But what if you want to keep your bouquet past your honeymoon? 

“Dried florals are not only eco-friendly, they make beautiful keepsakes,” notes Peter Mitsaelides of Brooklake Country Club & Events. “Take the dried florals and ribbon from your bouquet and re-purpose them into a wreath for your home. Or use a garland to decorate a mantel. To preserve them, keep them out of sunlight and humidity.” 

With dried blooms, you can hold onto the memory of your wedding day for years to come. And, “with the right care, your dried floral bouquet or crown can even be passed down to the next generation,” Scott adds. 

If you do opt for dried flowers at your wedding, be mindful that they are still fragile blooms. Sam Nelson of EVL Events suggests working with a professional florist to arrange them properly, with a reminder that “not all dried flowers are created equal!” 

“Some of them can fall apart quickly or easily and make a huge mess,” she cautions. “Some could ruin your dress! You will want to do your research or consult your florist to choose which styles work best for you.” 

Photography by Jenny DeMarco Photography, Florals by Remi + Gold

When in doubt, your florist will always point you in the right direction. In some cases, it may involve blending dried flowers with fresh ones!  

Monika Kreinberg of Furever Us recommends “talk[ing] to your florist about possible combinations of dried and fresh florals. Sometimes trying to save money in the short run can be more expensive in the long run. Trust your event designer and florist when it comes to understanding what dried florals work best with your decor.” 

So, are dried flowers in the plan for your wedding now? You’re in good company. A quick scroll through Pinterest or Instagram will provide you with plenty of inspiration to take to your florist and start planning! 

Meghan Ely is the owner of wedding PR and wedding marketing firm OFD Consulting. Ely is a sought-after speaker, adjunct professor in the field of public relations, and a self-professed royal wedding enthusiast.