Choosing the Right Vintage Style Engagement Ring

On the hunt for the perfect vintage style engagement ring, but don’t know where to start? With so many options out there, it can get really overwhelming real quick. We’re here to lighten the load, sharing the top 4 questions to ask yourself when searching for the perfect wedded bliss bling!

Is it Ethical?

The most important question to ask yourself when searching for a diamond engagement ring is: is it ethical? The mined diamond industry is well known for its negative environmental and social effects. We all want to be socially and economically responsible, but choosing a diamond that is not only both these things, plus one you love, can be tough. That’s why we really love the lab-grown diamonds from Clean Origin. Lab-created diamonds use considerably less energy and avoid the ‘blood diamond’ trade all together. They are the perfect option if you love the diamond style, using state of the art technology that reproduces a diamond’s natural growth. You have complete piece of mind, knowing that your diamond is equal in every way to a mined diamond, but without all the mess.

vintage style ethical diamond engagement ring from Clean Origin

Is it Affordable?

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but they aren’t always your wallet’s. The great thing about lab-grown diamonds is that they often cost 20-30% less than a mined diamond, without sacrificing any quality or size. They’ve cut out a lot of the middle men so you can get a gorgeous diamond, but none of the extra costs. Clean Origin has one of the largest selection of rings for under $1000 we’ve seen, like this rose gold beauty we are obsessed with! They also give you an easy way to breakup your payments by offering access to Affirm financing. So you can get that amazing ring of your dreams with a bit more in the bank to splurge on that honeymoon to Paris, win-win for everyone!


Is there Selection?

Most traditional jewelry stores have a lot of the same selection, with similar designs every year and not too much variety. We know you love vintage style rings here at G&G, so a great selection of those timeless looks is key. From Art Deco to Mid Century, Clean Origin has tons of vintage style engagement rings to chose from. The Allegra Ring (seen on model) is one of our favorites with it’s unique swirl design! And we may be swooning a bit at the Sienna Ring, with a delicate design that looks like it came straight from grandma’s jewelry box.

Clean Origin also has a wide selection of wedding sets to help couples save time, money, and stress. When you buy your engagement ring plus wedding band at the same time, it’s one less thing you have to check off your list! Plus, it will ensure that your ring and band not only match, but fit together perfectly. Clean Origin makes it even easier by being completely online. So you avoid the pushy jewelers, but still get all the knowledge and education so you know you are making the right choice. Our favorite feature is their 360 degree video of the designs so you can see every gorgeous angle! And bonus: every purchase includes free shipping.

vintage style ethical diamond engagement ring from Clean Origin

Are there other perks?

Buying an engagement ring is an exciting experience, but you also have to think about logistics. What happens if an accent stone falls out? Or you receive your ring in the mail and it doesn’t fit? Finding a jeweler who has you covered will make you feel secure in your purchase. At Clean Origin, each item comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty and all lab-grown diamonds come with an independent lab certification. If you receive your ring and it doesn’t fit, you can send it back for one free resizing. And if you end up wanting a different style altogether, you have 100 days to return any purchased items. With so many perks and benefits to these gorgeous lab-grown diamonds, what’s there to lose?

Now that you’ve got the basics down, you can see that Clean Origin is a great place to start! Head over to Clean Origin today to find your perfect vintage style ring that you will love for a lifetime!