How to Repurpose an Heirloom Wedding Dress with Unbox the Dress

There is something so special about the chance to wear your mother or grandmother’s wedding dress on your wedding day. It is a sweet sentiment, but you’d really love to have a gown of your own to reflect your own style (we aren’t sure if those poofy 80’s sleeves will come back in style soon!) Enter Unbox the Dress, the mother-daughter founded company that takes those cherished gowns and creates new heirlooms for you to keep your loved ones close on your big day.

What to do with an Heirloom Wedding Dress with Unbox the Dress

Imagine turning your grandmother’s stunning lace wedding dress into a beautiful veil or a robe to get ready in. Or carrying her treasured memory in your hands down the aisle with a bouquet wrap handmade from your mother’s dress. Unbox the Dress makes it possible to honor your loved ones and keep them close on your big day by creating one of a kind pieces you will love for a lifetime. They breathe fresh life into these special gowns, even combining multiple dresses (like both your mother and grandmother’s) to give you a unique something old and something new. And let’s not forget about the groom! Unbox the Dress offers bow-ties and pocket squares as well, keeping those treasured memories close to the heart.

My Nana had a breath-taking gown (featuring an amazing lace trimmed train!) I’ve always loved it and remember when I got married we got her gown out and had a look. It was unfortunately a little stained from time and also super small (my Nana’s waist could have rivaled Barbie), so I wasn’t able to wear it. What I would have given to be able to wear a piece of her on my wedding day as a robe or pinned to my bouquet. The gift of having her with me on my wedding through her dress would have been priceless. What Unbox the Dress creates is so special and I would recommend it for everyone! Click here to see all their amazing offerings and how you can create an heirloom of your own.