Engaged? Here are First 5 To Dos from Hello Bride

If you just got engaged over the holidays, you are probably wondering where to start when it comes to wedding planning. The ladies at Hello Bride are here to give you a great starting point!

Hello Bride


1ST | Know Your Priorities
You will see us mention this over and over. That means it’s important! You have to determine your wedding priorities. It may be the most important thing you do together as a couple before the wedding. Knowing your wedding priorities will allow you to focus on what is most important to the two of you. Not anyone else. These priorities will help to make your wedding unique. They also make it easier to stay on track and not be swayed by family, friends or vendors.

2ND | Get A Wedding Planning Binder
You need a wedding planning hub. It may be on your computer or phone but our favorite is the binder. I miss those days where all a girl needed was her binder and favorite pen to plan her dream day. Wedding planning binders are for brides who love REAL-LIFE tangible paper, pens, and pencils. Seriously, when did planning a wedding become so technical? Bring on the checklists, timelines, and step-by-step instructions we can hold in our hands.

3RD | Determine Your Wedding Budget
You should never book venues and vendors before having a budget. With all the wedding excitement it is the quickest way to overspend. Talk to those who may be helping with the wedding financially. Have them be specific about what they are contributing and when. Once you have your priorities and budget in place it will be much easier to decide what items and vendors you want to splurge on and where you want to cut back. Knowing these two things will go a long way in making your wedding unique.

4TH | Start Your Wedding Guest List
Start an initial guest list. You don’t want to book a venue that’s too small. Some couples would rather have a more intimate wedding. Then, splurge on other things like food, alcohol or decor. Big weddings just are not their thing. Some couples would rather invite lots of people and have as many as possible share in their new life together. This may mean cutting back in other areas. There is no wrong or right here. It’s all about your priorities.

5TH | Gather Wedding Planning Inspiration
We call this wedding-spiration. Don’t go overboard! Hehe, or do. Just keep in mind Pinterest and magazines are for inspiration. Your eyes might be bigger than your wallet. Keep your priorities, budget and style in mind as you start researching your vendor and venue options.

Hello Bride wedding planning binder
Wedding Planning can be fun and crazy all at the same time. Equipped with a wedding binder, pen and a plan you can make your wedding day run smoothly, leaving you plenty of time to fall in love with the details.

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