Protect Your Heirlooms with Jewelers Mutual

Here at Glamour & Grace, we know the personal value of heirlooms. They are treasures to protect for future generations so they can love and cherish them as much as you do. That’s why Jewelers Mutual is so close to my heart. They are an insurance company that truly understands what jewelry means to their customers.

bride with grandmother's ring | Stephanie A Smith

Allie with her grandmother’s ring at her wedding | by Stephanie A Smith

With Jewelers Mutual, you aren’t just another case number. If something happens to your jewelry, they will be there to listen to your story, share in your experience, and work with you and your jeweler to set it to rights. With jewelry loss, sometimes you don’t know what happened or where is occurred. Thankfully, Jewelers Mutual covers mysterious disappearances. They also understand that you live in your jewelry and that through everyday wear gemstones can loosen and prongs get damaged. They are there for you and will cover repairs.

bride with her sister, mom, and grandmother at her wedding | Macon Photography

Meredyth with her sister, mom, and grandmother at her wedding | by Macon Photography

bride wearing her grandmother's necklace on her wedding day | Blueberry Creative

bride Katie wearing her grandmother’s necklace on her wedding day | by Blueberry Creative

Jewelers Mutual is also great because they work with jewelry experts to make sure to replace any lost jewelry with one of the same kind and quality. They aim to make repaired or replaced jewelry virtually indistinguishable from the original. It gets even easier for you by working with your own trusted local jeweler, instead of making you use a network designated replacement company.

Nana's ring | Nikki Santerre

me with my Nana’s ring | by Nikki Santerre

I have a beautiful sapphire ring that was my Nana’s that I wear every day that I would be beyond crushed if something bad were to happen. It is a unique ring with a rare cut stone. I feel so much safer knowing Jewelers Mutual will go through great lengths to restore my ring if any accident were to occur.

What piece do you have that you could never part with? Have you thought about insuring it?

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