Top Bouquets of 2014

It’s that time of year again! All this week I will be sharing the most pinned and my personal favorites from all the fab features over the year. We are starting off the top bouquets of 2014! See if your favorites made the cut!

The delicate white tulips take this deceptively simple bouquet to a whole new level of elegance, making this one of my favorites this year.

tulip bouquet | Justin DeMutiis Photography | Glamour & Grace

Carrollwood Florist, image by Justin DeMutiis from southern farm wedding

I’m always a sucker for a gorgeous peony and this bright and fun hot pink peony and fern bouquet has my heart.

bright peony bouquet | Alexandra Wallace |Glamour& Grace

FluidBloom Designs, image byAlexandra Wallace from Kate Spade wedding inspiration

From the soft colors, the texture, and the lace ribbon, there is so much to fall in love with this lush pastel bouquet.

spring lace bouquet |Catherine Ann Photography | Glamour & Grace

Taylormade Wedding and Event Flowers, image by Catherine Ann Photography from Edwardian wedding inspiration

The winner for the most glam bouquet goes to this gold leaf stunner.

lush gold bouquet | Toni Lynn Photography | Glamour & Grace

Seven Sister Designs, image by Toni Lynn Photography from gold glitter wedding inspiration

This soft and romantic pink bouquet was one of the most pinned bouquets of the year and it isn’t any wonder why.

romantic pink bouquet | Melissa Gidney Photography | Glamour & Grace

Fiorire, image by Melissa Gidney Photography from romantic pink wedding

Southern girl at heart? My favorite bouquet has to be the simple and chic single magnolia bloom.

magnolia bouquet | Tracy Enoch Photography |Glamour & Grace

image by Tracy Enoch Photography from relaxed southern wedding

This bouquet made the list as most unique. Not only is it filled with amazing ferns and flowers I’ve never seen, but it is a wrist hanging bouquet!

lush wrist bouquet | Jennifer Miller Photography | Glamour & Grace

BloomHaus, image by Jennifer Miller from gold vintage glam wedding

The monogram ribbon on this wintery bouquet make this an instant winner.

monogram ribbon bouquet | JoPhoto | Glamour & Grace

Scott Morrell, image by JoPhoto from intimate southern wedding

This rustic styled peony bouquet was another top pin favorite of the year.

9 rustic bouquet | Stephanie A Smith Photography |Glamour & Grace

image by Stephanie A Smith from rustic handmade wedding

Filled with golden apples, feathers, and thistles, this winter bouquet is another unique stunner I fell in love with.

winter feather bouquet | Michelle Larmand Photography | Glamour & Grace

Dana Smyl Floral and Inspiration, image by Michelle Larmand Photography from winter boho inspiration

What do you think? Which bouquet is your favorite? What one did you love this year that didn’t make my list?