Honeymoon Travel Tips with Jewelers Mutual

So you’ve just gotten married to your best friend (woo-hoo!) and you’re headed off to your honeymoon to enjoy your wedded bliss. You’re working on packing and think you’ve got it all set: the cutest retro swimsuit for your beach getaway, your favorite wide brim hat for your jaunt through Tuscany, or the coziest knitted scarf for your skiing retreat. Then you get to your grandmother’s pearls that your mother just passed down to you for the wedding. They would look super cute with a lot of the outfits you have picked out (especially for that fancy dinner your new hubs has planned). So do you bring it, or no?

Kristin Moore Photo

Kristin Moore Photo

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Elaine Palladino

Let’s face it, traveling with jewelry can be scary. We’ve all heard those horror stories of lost or stolen jewelry, and personally, I wouldn’t want to chance it. Luckily, there’s people like Jewelers Mutual who can help you insure your beloved pieces to take away some of the worry.

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Chris and Adrienne Scott Photographers 

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Archetype Studio Inc

Here are some of Jewelers Mutual‘s tried and true tips for traveling with jewelry.

1. Choose wisely. Pack light and take only the versatile pieces that go with everything.

2. Make a list of all the jewelry that you’ll be taking with you and make two copies of the list. Take one copy with you and store it separately from your jewelry. Leave the other copy at home. You may also want to take pictures or a video of your jewelry.

3. Carry it on. Never put jewelry in checked baggage. Instead, wear it or stow it in your carry-on bag. If you wear it, take extra care by slipping a pendant inside a sweater or turning your ring so that only the band shows and so the larger stones do not attract unwanted attention.

4. Keep it with you. Don’t leave your jewelry in an unattended car or suitcase.

5. When staying in a hotel, use the safe. Always store jewelry in the in-room safe when you’re not wearing it.

6. Reconsider taking it. Leave your jewelry in good hands: Your vacation is a great time to leave your fine jewelry with your jeweler for a professional cleaning, inspection and re-evaluation. Your jewelry will be safe and sparkling like new when you return.

7. Insure it. Insure your jewelry before leaving home and be sure that your coverage is adequate. Have a recent appraisal or insurance evaluation in your home records. If you are leaving the country, confirm that your insurance policy covers you. Also make sure that your policy covers theft, accidental loss and mysterious disappearance (or unexplained loss).

Erica J photography

Erica J Photography

So are you going to choose to bring your favorite heirloom? My vote would be no, but if it’s a must, check out Jewelers Mutual and they can help you with your piece of mind to keep your wedded bliss blissful.

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