A Sweet Airplane Themed Wedding Film


Think you don’t need a cinematographer at your wedding? If you asked me that 3 years ago for my wedding, I would have raised my hand. I was one of those people who thought hiring video for my wedding would be a waste. Who wants some old guy capturing barely audible shaky film of my vows? (Yes, I really did think that’s what I would get!) Now, being a wedding blogger and getting the opportunity to see so many amazing wedding films, not hiring a cinematographer is one of my biggest regrets. Photos are important and a great photographer can capture some beautiful moments, but there is just something about film that shows the love, joy, fun, and emotion of the day in a brighter way. That’s why I wanted to devote an entire week on G&G to wedding films! I cannot tell you how many times I laughed, cried, got giddy with excitement over just looking at these beautiful films I will share this week (as I’m sure you will too!) And I have to think, if I was this emotional over viewing someone else’s wedding, how much more would I be for my own? If you were doubting hiring a cinematographer for your wedding, this week will definitely change your mind!

Starting the week off is a sweet and emotional film from Imprint Cinema. Andre and Chris met on a plane, so they incorporated airplane details to honor their love story. Get the tissues ready, because the vows will definitely make you tear up! Their love just radiates and it is beautiful to watch!

The Wedding of Andre and Chris by Imprint Cinema from Imprint Cinema on Vimeo.

Here is a their love story, as told by Andre:

We met on October 22nd, 2010 while aboard Delta flight 1874 – from Jacksonville to Atlanta. I was flying back home to Los Angeles and Chris  was flying to Pittsburgh for a conference. After we unsuccessfully tried everything in our power to have our seats changed (who really wants to sit in the rear of the plane in row 40!?), we found ourselves sitting next to each other. I had taken my seat first and Chris was one of the last to board. After taking his seat, he awkwardly removed his coat, slightly elbowing me. He apologized and that was our first conversation. As the television monitors were lowered, Chris was quick to make a humorous comment, and we laughed a bit. In his ‘outdoor’ voice, Chris continued to talk over the safety announcements. With headphones in hand, I couldn’t wait until we reached 10,000 ft. so that I could politely insert my headphones and disengage from conversation with the loud guy sitting next to me!
Before we had reached our cruising altitude, I found myself engaged in a pleasant conversation with this surprisingly charming neighbor. We talked about life, love, friends, religion, and everything in between. After Chris called me out for wearing a faux engagement ring (yes, I USED to wear a ‘creeper ring’ when I would fly) and after enjoying a drink on the flight (he did not even pay for my drink *gasp*) we both discovered that we had a 4-hour layover in Atlanta before continuing on to our final destinations. After making this discovery, I waited for 40A to invite me to spend time with him. He didn’t at first; and I found myself slightly disappointed. Twenty minutes later as the plane started its descent, he finally asked if I’d like to grab a bite to eat during our long layover and of course I said ‘yes’.
After arriving in Atlanta, we found ourselves wandering around and looking for somewhere to grab some food. It was at that time we realized that we did not even know each others name, as we had not formally introduced ourselves to one another. On the escalator up to the bar, we exchanged names and a handshake. The next three hours was filled with amazing conversation and a few glasses of wine. The time flew by and it was time to part ways. My flight left 10 minutes earlier than Chris’ so he walked me to my gate first. As we arrived in front of the gate, we looked at each other and he said “I’ve never done anything like this before” as he pulled me close and kissed me. I was completely surprised as neither of us had hinted during our hours of conversation that we had an attraction to one another. I felt butterflies consume my body, I was smitten; I smiled and ran onto my almost departing plane. From that day forward, not a day would go by without talking with one another.


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I’ve got another gorgeous wedding film coming your way later today, so be sure to come back to see it!