DIY | Dip Dyed Canvas Totes

It’s been a while since our last DIY so I thought I’d share this fun and easy dip dyed canvas tote DIY. I made these at the beginning of the year for a little blogger meet up and everyone loved them so I thought I’d finally put together a DIY tutorial for them. They are really cute and would be perfect for gifts for your bridesmaids (or a fun grocery or beach bag)! Lauren from Every Last Detail and I also thought they’d also make a great bag for a little day-of wedding emergency kit, you can check out her post of all the must-include goodies and tips here.



1. Mix dye with hot water according to package and fill container with enough water to cover bag.
2. Submerge canvas bag into water, covering 2/3rds of the bag. Let soak for 10-15 minutes (or until you get the desired color). Then pull bag out so only 1/3rd is submerged in the water and let soak for another 10-15 minutes. Color will lighten as it dries, so take that into account so you get the color you want.
3. Remove bag from water and let water drain out.
4. Rinse bag with cold water. Hang to let dry.

Cute right? A little tip, if you want the dye to bleed a bit more, use a dry bag (as seen in the teal bag below). If you’d like a more defined line, wet the bag first before placing in the dye (as seen in the pink bag).

Now head on over to Every Last Detail to check out all the wedding day essentials to fill it with!