A Vintage Love Shoot

Love Week is ending with the adorable story of Sarah and Dan. Their sweet love was captured by Joyce Alexander in this cute vintage styled shoot.

There was once a house that will forever remain in the hearts of many strapping, young men and women on the corner of 8th and Brumback in good ol’ Boise, Idaho. A large group of early twenty-somethings met here every day to ride bikes through the north end, dance to all the great tunes, and slide down snowy hills in the comfort of good company. On Friday and Saturday nights, all these folks and all their friends would gather at the 8th street house to eat, drink, and, of course, be merry. It was on one of these fateful Friday nights that our paths would cross and become eternally intertwined…

It was hard to NOT notice Dan. We shared many, many friends, he was in a well-known local band, and had a big, red beard. We generally didn’t talk, besides a friendly “hey, how’s it going” in passing, but there was an unspoken, nervous tension like butterflies around us every time we saw each other. Finally, one night, Dan gathered the nerve, sat down next to me and, quite confidently, asked me if I would have dinner with him sometime. I sassed back, asking why he would want to go on a date with someone he knew absolutely nothing about it. We ended up talking for hours through the night about all the reasons perfect strangers meet and decide to journey together, amongst a million other things. From that day on, we were inseparable.

One fine day, while having lunch together, Dan blindsided me with a big question. Being the ever-logically thinking man he is, he narrowed everything he needed to know into one extensive query. He said, “Sarah, we’ve been dating for two years now. I need to know… are there any deal-breakers between us?” I knew what he meant and what he was getting at, and replied (with a giant smile on my face), “Definitely not”. A few days later, Dan brought me an invitation to his brother’s wedding, with a picture of his bride-to-be’s wedding ring right in the center. I gushed a little, thinking about the day we might be sending these out to all of our loved ones. Dan asked me what I thought about her ring and I told him it was simple and beautiful. Then he bent down to one knee, pulled something out of his pocket, opened his hand and asked, “What do you think about this ring? It could be yours…” My heart flew! I took his hand, said yes, and squeezed him to me like I hadn’t seen him for weeks. It was perfect. Storybook, even… in our own way. ?