A Vintage Handmade Summer Wedding

You are going to love today’s sweet handmade wedding! The bridal party’s look is perfection, the bride’s soft ringlets and flower crown is just effortless, and the flower girls are too adorable! And how fab are the centerpieces? I love all of the cute vintage details!

The stunning bride Liz shares:

While planning my wedding, it was very important to me that the wedding be relaxed. I didn’t want to be stressing out. I wanted to enjoy it and I wanted my guests to enjoy it. I wanted the wedding to be a celebration of our new life together. It was also important that the wedding reflect my husband and I. I wanted our guests to walk in and feel like everything was a reflection of us.

One of my favorite parts about the day was how relaxed it was. The day felt very easy, I just relaxed with friends and my bridesmaids. There was no stress of getting ready or making sure everything was perfect. Another thing I loved about my wedding day was the how everything came together, especially the decor. I love details. It was the small things, like the lace candles and the centerpieces, that made the day feel so special and so us. 

The ceremony had to be one of my favorite parts. It was beautiful and simple. It was very us. Our music was folk inspired with a banjo, guitar and small drum set. Brian, my husband, arranged the music of some of our favorite songs so those instruments could be used. At our reception, dinner and the party were relaxed. There wasn’t much of a run sheet or plan, but everything worked. It was fun, and truly a celebration. 

I tried to focus more on the “feel” of the wedding, and just the big things, like venue, and catering. I didn’t focus too much on the details like what music was played, or what flowers were picked. I choose vendors that I trusted to catch my ideas and run with them. The DJ picked most of our music himself and our florist only went off a few pictures I sent her, so those were major things I didn’t worry about. Our caterer, Chef by Design, handled all our rentals, and actually picked most of them out. With those things being taken care of by the vendors, I was able to focus on what I felt was important, like the decorations, and look of the day. It was those details that I felt would make our day special. 


Photography | Andi Grant Photography

Venue | Church Point Manor B&B

Flowers | Roost Flowers