A Picnic Trash the Dress Session

Trash the dress sessions are pretty amazing, but they are even sweeter when you bring your new hub along! I love this adorable summer picnic session from Ampersand Photography. A romantic blanket picnic in the park and stroll on the docks turns fun when this couple decides to take a dive! Such a simple and sweet end to summer!


*I have had a few people comment of the recent death of a woman in Canada while doing a trash the dress shoot. This is a very tragic occurrence, but please note that this woman chose a location with dangerous currents (there were several no swimming signs in the area) and that she was not using a professional photographer. If you love the look of a water trash the dress shoot, please use a professional that has knowledge what they are doing and of the area, use common sense with picking a place without dangerous currents, and try cutting out extra under-layers in your gown to not make it as heavy. As always, safety and common sense are great things to go by in any situation. But for now, let’s let this beautiful couple enjoy their romantic shoot and the amazing images that resulted.