Real Wedding: Megan and Stephen

Sometimes all you want is something simple and sweet. That is just what today’s wedding is, a simple and beautiful Southern affair! Not much better than a wedding that’s a little Southern and aged, with down home barbeque and an old Ford Model A. I really love how the bride tried to make everything really fun and relaxed for her guests, it makes a wedding that much more lovely. The photos by the amazing Wes Roberts capture this mood perfectly!

Here’s a bit from the bride, Megan:
For most girls planning their wedding has been their constant day dream since age five; however, I am not one of those girls. It is not that I did not enjoy the idea of wedding day bliss; it was just that my schedule has always been so hectic that my time to dream was when I was asleep (and those dreams were usually about what I was going to be doing the next day). Therefore, when I found myself joyfully engaged in the month of February and wanting a June wedding panic struck…I had no clue where to begin. Thankfully, my mom (who had planned my older sister’s wedding) was a vital source of guidance and wisdom. With no set themes or ideas in mind, we worked together to create a wedding that captured my only wedding wish: for mine and Stephen’s special day to reflect us.

My absolute favorite part of the wedding was dancing, yes dancing, down the aisle as we left to Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered.” The entire bridal party and family put on show as we bogeyed out of the church. Every time I run into someone who attended the wedding they exclaim how much they loved the fun and celebratory atmosphere of the festivities.

I was also very lucky that my one wedding wish came true in that the wedding and the reception were a true reflection of both Stephen and I: simple and southern. From the simply southern bar-b-q themed reception to spending all day with the people we cherish most, the day was truly our special day.

My best bridal tip is a tried and true (and somewhat cliché’) anecdote: “Don’t sweat the small stuff!” Once you have made the major decisions of what you want most for your day, relax and don’t worry about the minor details (honestly no one ever notices the little things you think they might). When you don’t let the tiny trivial details consume your thoughts is when your most able to step back and enjoy the excitement of what’s happening: you’re getting married!

Photography | Wes Roberts Photography
Reception | Southern Hospitality Inn
Hairstylist | Tangles & Threads

Congrats to Megan and
Stephen for a beautiful wedding!
And a big thanks for Wes for sharing these awesome photos!!