Photo Fridays

Today is a super cool engagement shoot with a super sweet story. This shoot is modern, sexy, and fun! The superb photos are by the awesome team at D Park Photography.

Here’s the cute story of Kerin and Denis’s proposal in their own words:
Kerin | He proposed on August 4th at Laguna Beach. He had made a reservation and took me to Montage. Denis | I talked to the restaurant and asked what I should do to propose. They said you can just say, “carrot cake”. Then, they’d give the excuse that it’ll take 15-20 minutes so it’ll give you time to walk down the beach.
Kerin | During dinner, he told the waiter that he wanted a carrot cake. But I told him, “No, I don’t like carrot cake”. Later on, I learned about the code. When the waiter came, he said it would take 10 minutes. So he took me for a walk around the beach. We stopped where no one was there and he got down on one knee and proposed.
Denis | I just hoped she was going to say yes.

How much do you love this shot??

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