Photo Fridays

I have some amazing photos coming up, but first I wanted to get some business out of the way. I will be out all next week for a friend’s wedding. But, never fear, I have some truly fabulous ladies stepping in to share some amazing things with you! Seriously, you are not going to want to miss one day of it! Then, when I get back I have an even more amazing surprise for you all! Stay tuned and be sure to give all of my guest post gals some love!!

Ok, now on to the good stuff! If gorgeous golden vintage photos melt your heart like they do mine, you are going to love these! Aubrey Joy sent me this glorious engagement session and it is seriously too lovely! A perfect meadow on a cliff filled with vintage furniture and cupcakes, yes please! It is really one of the most beautiful settings I’ve ever seen and I know you will love them too! Enjoy and I will see you all at the end of the month!