Photo Fridays

Today I wanted to showcase a beautiful Florida wedding photographed by the talented Audrey Snow! I really loved this wedding because it is a lot about including and honoring family members from the present and past.

The bride, Margaret, had her gown custom altered by Tie the Knot to include pieces from her mother’s wedding dress. This is such a lovely idea! Not everyone can or wants to wear their mother’s gown (ah-hem to my mother’s pouffy long sleeve ’70s lace number with multi colored pastel ribbons). But including pieces into the design still gives it meaning! She also honored lost loved ones with her bouquet. First off, this bouquet is amazing! Seriously, I am so in love with it! There is so much texture and vibrancy! But the most beautiful part is the tribute to her grandmother by tying her portrait at the base. It is so nice to see couples that really include family and realize that it is not just the unity of two people, but of families.

And, I had to include a shot of the food, because it looks soo delicious! Give this girl some good bread and olive oil and I’m set! Enjoy!

Thanks Audrey for sharing!
Audrey is based in West Coast Florida, but also splits her time in Kansas City. 
Be sure to check out her blog for more beautiful weddings!