Photo Fridays

Today I have a little project of my own to share with you! What started out as my wanting to photograph these gorgeous peonies I scored (thanks The Naked Florist!), turned into a really personal shoot inspired by my grandmother.

For those who don’t know me personally, my Nana passed away a few months ago. I will admit I have been having a hard time with it. I took this chance at photographing something as a way to memorialize her (and sort of therapy for myself). Everything in the shoot was hers, now mine. From the table cloth and china, to the old postcards and letters (even one from 1903 written to her mother from my great grandfather all in German). The butterfly pin was a trademark of hers. There was never a day she didn’t have some sort of bug pinned to her shoulder. I baked cupcakes and wrapped them in pieces of maps to represent her love of travel. Her and my granddad were missionaries that served in Paris, Greece, and Norway among traveling to many other places.

On top of all the great vintage stuff, I even shot with film (not really by choice, you may remember how my digital broke). Plus, the only film I had was expired so the results (to me anyway) are completely stunning! All the strange coloring, dust marks, and water spots to me are beautiful blemishes that enhance the vintage tone.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little bit of vintage inspiration. Let me know what you think!