Etsy Find of the Week: Hopelessly Devoted

What girl doesn’t love bows? They are fun, whimsical, and utterly adorable! If you agree with me, you will fall head over heals for Hopelessly Devoted! Handmade out of velvet and silk, these fabulous headpieces are sure to add style, and lots of it! These bows have that chic vintage touch to complete your wedding day look or even add some whimsy to an engagement shoot! I’m also loving the small Jasmine Velvet bows as cute accessories for your bridal party!

PS- How gorgeous are these photos by Jono Winnel?! LOVE!

The designer, Gaby, also has another Etsy shop called Hopeless, full of stunning handmade vintage lingerie! If you love all things vintage like me, you MUST check these out because they are fabulous!