Etsy Find of the Week: Florrie Mitton

When planning my own wedding, I kept with a lot of tradition. But, there is one thing I knew that I did not want to do: the garter. The garter to me always symbolized cheap and generic (never something sexy as it’s intended). I had never really seen a garter that wasn’t the basic elastic with a little bow. Then, just a few weeks ago, I came across Florrie Mitton. Her shop alone changed me on the idea of garters! Her couture garters are sexy, feminine, and utterly chic! If I had found her before my wedding, I would have definitely bought a garter from her! They have a stunning vintage quality that just oozes of romance! If I had a redo, I would snag this first fabulous piece! So vintage glam!

Ok, so I might also be in debate with this last one! You can’t go wrong with ruffles! 
You could wear two right??