Mamie + James

Inspired by the dashing lifestyle and sterling sartorial intuition of her beloved grandmother, Mamie + James founder Loren James set out to create her own collection of unbridled bridal splendor. Loren grew up dazzled by tales of her grandparents’ life in Morocco and their various trips overseas. But it was Mamie’s glamorous evening dresses, along with her instinctive gift for crafting deliciously feminine accents from the most ordinary materials, that most astonished her granddaughter. Loren’s own adventure took her from Mississippi to the elegant heart of Savannah, Georgia, to the incomparable French countryside and back again. As she traveled, she amassed a collage of photographs, garments, memories, sketches, and stories that would eventually become her collection for Spring 2012 – a stunning blend of chic, crisp shapes and delicate vintage detailing.

Dresses and accessories made to be danced in, laughed in, and loved in

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